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Wake The Rebels,Paddyhats


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Wake The Rebels,Paddyhats
Wake The Rebels,Paddyhats
Wake The Rebels,Paddyhats
Wake The Rebels,Paddyhats
Wake The Rebels,Paddyhats
Show your colours! This high quality flag comes in the format 100x90cm.
This beanie is a real eye-catcher: it is made of recycled plastic. And with the high-quality vegan leather patch you awaken the climate rebel in you.
This lighter comes with a noble laser engraving on the front and back.
Of course, the CD in 6-panel design and booklet should not be missing.
The entire package comes in a super classy metal box. Great for storing cookies 🙂

Save the best for last

To the box configurator
On our own behalf

100% of YOU – 100% for US

With our last albums you asked us pretty much every time: “Can’t I buy the album from you directly at the release?” The thought behind it is absolutely honorable. You want your hard-earned money to reach the artist, in this case us, without detours. Unfortunately, you always had to order from Amazon & Co. first.

With the release of “Wake The Rebels” we changed that. Now you can get the CDs and vinyls and especially the box exclusively from us. Of course, we know that some prefer to buy from the dealer. That’s why we also supplied Amazon, JPC and Coretex with CDs and vinyls.

Amazon, JPC & Coretex.

Of course, you can also order CDs and vinyls from Amazon, JPC and Coretex.



We have selected the suppliers for the manufacture of the products ourselves in this release. We wanted to offer you decent quality products, but at the same time a fair price. That’s why, for example, we worked with the producer of our T-shirts for the beanie in the box.

From Paddyhats with love

When ordering in our shop, you can be sure that your order will be packed and shipped personally exclusively by us. This means that there is always a bit more paddyhats in your package.

Shipping costs abroad reduced

When it comes to shipping, we work together with DHL. We simply had the best experience there. Until now, shipping for international shipments has been quite expensive with us. We have been working on this and have been able to drastically reduce shipping costs in some cases.


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