Vinyl “In Strange Waters”


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  • LP


  1. Barrels of Whiskey (10 Year Version)
  2. Fair Old Lady (10 Year Version)
  3. Ferryman (10 Year Version)
  4. Light Up
  5. Irish Way (10 Year Version)
  6. Green Blood (10 Year Version)
  7. Dogs on the Leash (10 Year Version)
  8. We All Know feat. Doro Pesch (10 Year Version)
  9. Beautiful Fear (10 Year Version)
  10. Yesterday’s Rebel (10 Year Version)

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For the 10th anniversary of the band the “Paddyhats” present their greatest hits in a completely new sound.

“In Strange Waters” is the name of the anniversary album of the Paddyhats on the occasion of their 10th anniversary – and rightly so. Because they have reinterpreted the songs, which have now been viewed a total of over 70 million times on YouTube, in truly unusual genres. Far from their usual Irish folk punk, they steer the ship unerringly into the waters of pop, metal, ska and barbershop music. Still, the band’s identity resonates in every note, because even if the waters are foreign, the ship is the same. The O’Reillys and the Paddyhats, as their cover makes clear, look at themselves through completely different eyes and take a step beyond Irish folk punk, not least with a new song.

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