Beer “No Stout” (Dark Ale)


Includes 19% MwSt.
(1,52  / 1 L)
Delivery Time: 5-7 days (within Germany)*

Our first own beer! The exclusive Paddyhats beer “No Stout” is a dark ale as a single bottle or in a four-pack. Strike now! The beer is limited!

Due to restrictions on age verification abroad, we’re not able to ship the beer outside of Germany.

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From the first hiss to the last sip a pleasure, full craft ahead! A beer as multifaceted as the band itself: complex like Connor’s solos, cheeky fruity like Jones and yet pleasantly set like Tom. Spirited like Dwight and at the same time profound like Paddy. Dominant like Mia and mysterious like Ian.
In short: Not a bottle like your festival plörre, which you suck through the hose. Something special for those special moments. No Stout. No doubt.

Alcohol content: 7% Vol.

9,09 / l

Capacity: 6×0.33 liters

From the house: BrauArt


While hops usually play a rather subordinate role in dark beers, our dark beer “No Stout” offers the best of both worlds. This Dark Ale is an extremely complex beer with dominant but pleasant bitterness and slight fruitiness. The malt profile of a stout and the hopping of an IPA merge on the palate to create a unique pleasure.

We support the protection of minors in shipping

  • The package with the beer will only be handed over to you or people in your household if you have reached the specified minimum age (18 years)
  • An ID-based age check is carried out if it is not clearly apparent to the delivery staff of DHL/Deutsche Post that the minimum age has been exceeded

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